Ultimate Diving Package

If you are looking for the Ultimate SCUBA diving hardware package, then this is it. 

Why choose this system? 

Well we use it and we our students train in it every week, so we know it is tough and will last you a very long time. It is easy to get on, is comfortable and really easy to use.  Diving should be easy and fun right?

To make your life really easy, we also have our our Ultimate Software package too - (wetsuits, boots, bag, fins and masks).

There are just a couple of things for you to decide on; colour, computer, light and reg fitting.

What's in our package;

OMS Smartstream BCD with Free Aqualung Squeezelock Safety knife. 

You just need to decide on the colour.  We have set these up with a stainless steel backplate and 32lb wing, but if you want less weight, then we can swap this for an aluminium backplate and 27lb wing, just let us know.

Scubapro MK25/S600//R195 with SPG in either DIN or Yoke.  We can exchange the S600 for a G260.

Our computer choices are Aqualung i550C console Computer or our all time favourite computer; Shearwater Perdix computer and transmitter. 

These computers are easy to use and easy to change battery, so you won't be left frustrated or struggle with these easy to read, easy to use units.


OMS Safety Set 1.8m SMB and reel.

Torch - Beuchat AL3 or Mares EOS 10R

Beuchat Regulator Bag 

BCD Colour

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