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Rob AllenTuna Speargun

The Tuna comprises of Rob Allens world famous extruded, aerospace grade, railed, aluminium barrel and Vecta mechanism. 

The handle and double rubber muzzle are constructed of super heavy duty, glass reinforced nylon and are built to be thrashed.

The mechanism is manufactured from glass reinforced nylon and also has a solid 316 stainless steel spear.

Two 16mm rubbers with dyneema wishbones,

7.5mm shaft

180kg mono and a heavy duty bungy cored with 240kg dyneema

Available in 130cm , 140cm


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Power in spades

When going after kingfish or other big fish and you want big grunt with accuracy, this is a great gun! It shoots straight even though it’s got big recoil-kicks back when you shoot. If you don’t mind the recoil, you can be confident in this hard hitting gun when going after big fish.