TUSA Zensee Pro Frameless Panoramic Mask


TUSA Zensee Pro Mask


A unique Fitting Ring built into the Mask Skirt providing an ideal fit for all face shapes.

Swift Buckle 3D

A new low-profile buckle and mask strap for smooth effortless adjustments.

Freedom Technology (Freedom Dry)

Enhances comfort and fit by utilizing a revolutionary low friction skirt surface.

3D Mask Strap

TUSA’s unique 3D design contours to the shape of your head.

Round Edge Skirt

Round edge skirt improves both seal and comfort of the mask.

UV 420 Lens Treatment

Protects against harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light.

CrystalView Optical Glass

Provides superior clarity, color and transmission of light.

Anti-Reflective (A/R) Lens Treatment

Anti-reflective coating enhances overall vision.

Anti-Fog Film

Durable, long lasting material to greatly improve visibility by preventing mask fogging.

Panoramic View

Mask providing an extra wide field of view.

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