Remember before you use your mask for the first time it is a good idea to treat it with Sea Buff.  This removes the silicone film that is applied to the mask during the manufacturing process and is the biggest contributor to a fogging mask. 

Once the mask has been treated then Sea Drops Anti Fog can be used before each dive or snorkel to keep the mask from fogging.

Beuchat X Contact 2 MINI Mask


Are you looking for an all rounder mask that is great for scuba, snorkelling and free diving?  Well the compact design of the Beuchat X-Contact 2 Mini mask may be the mask you have been looking for.

  • Wide field of vision
  • Very tough and extremely comfortable thanks to micrometric adjustment buckles on the hypoallergenic silicon skirt
  • Prescription lenses can be fitted
  • Great scuba diving mask
  • Great snorkel mask
  • Fits really well especially if you have a smaller face

Pair it with the Beuchat Airflex Snorkel for a great snorkeling combo.

Limited prescription lenses are available for this mask.

Beuchat have been making diving and free diving equipment since 1934.  They invented the speargun in 1947, launched the modern wetsuit in 1953 and even developed the first ever ladies wetsuit.  Their years of experience and passion for the sea means you get fantastic quality products that have been enhanced over 70 years and designed with the wearer in mind.  

Fantastic Scuba Diving Mask and Snorkel Mask especially for people with smaller faces.