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Gear Aid Sea Buff„¢ Mask and Slate Cleaner

Diving or snorkeling with a foggy mask is one of the most annoying things.  Anyone who has experienced this will agree that this can ruin a perfectly fun dive.

But before you can treat a dive mask or snorkeling mask with Sea Gold„¢ anti-fog treatment, you need to clean it with Sea Buff„¢ Dive Mask Precleaner.

Essentially, when a mask goes through the manufacturing process a film is left on the mask which needs to be removed prior to using Sea Drops Anti-Fog.  Even after awhile if your mask starts to fog again as it attracts oil, dirt and sunscreen from your face then the Sea Buff is great to remove this film and clean the mask again.

Just apply, rub, rinse and repeat. Please note: For use on tempered glass lenses only, test small area before using on plastic or coated lenses.

Keep your dive masks clean and ready for anti-fog treatment. Pre-cleaning with Sea Buff„¢ is step one to the clearest underwater vision and the best underwater adventures.

  • Removes manufacturing residue left on new dive mask lenses
  • Prepares the surface for the first application of anti-fog
  • 37ml

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Nathaniel Woermann

Sea Buff - Mask and Slate Cleaner

Ivan Gorton
mask cleaner

works well

John Lowe
Bought a mask

Sale went really smoothly. Took a couple of extra days to arrive but we were in Covid 19 lockdown.