Scubapro Jet Fins


Invented originally in the 1960s by George Beuchat, who sold the design to Scubapro, this popular fin hasn't changed much since then.  With an upgraded spring strap and a limited edition colour range, this heavy, negatively buoyant fin is the go to fin for many Technical divers and drysuit divers.  Not designed for speed but for finesse and for pushing heavy loads though the water column.


The foot pocket sizes are a little misleading on these fins.  Go a size up;  if you are a Medium fin, choose a Large Jet fin, if you are a Large fin, choose an XL Jet fin.  If you're diving in a drysuit with fixed boots, please order a size up from this chart. If you're unsure or we are showing ZERO stock, just get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help!

Foot Size
 Fin Size
US 8 to 9 (eu 41/42) Large
US 10 to 11 (eu 43/45) Extra Large
US 12 to 13 (eu 46/47) 2 XL
US 14-15 (eu48/49) 3XL Non spring strap


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