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Scubapro's Galileo Hud dive computer.

The perfect answer for divers who don't want to wear a computer on their wrist.    

We love dive computers, they are our back up brains that help keep us safe by giving us the really useful information we need as divers when we need it.  

Dive computers have been the industry standard around the world for well over a decade.  They have actually been in use since the Orca came out in 1983!

In New Zealand there has been resistance by some divers for using them as they don't want to scratch them hunting bugs.  Well all that is behind you, this computer attaches to your mask.

Compatible with the  Frameless HUD and any other twin lens mask using the Scubapro Hud Mask Holder Kit.

So whether you are gathering seafood, taking photos, performing demanding skills that mean you are too busy to look at your arm or console, the Scubapro Galileo Hud allows you to see the information you need without stopping what you are doing.

To see your gas pressure you will need a Scubapro transmitter.

Mask-Mounted Dive Computer:
Offers a superior user experience by delivering easily viewable, essential dive information constantly right in front you.
Precision Near-Eye Optics: The micro OLED €œfloating€ display creates an image that makes it easy to monitor dive data without losing eye contact with your surroundings.
Dive data appears at a virtual distance of approximately 1 m in front of you.
Full Colour OLED Display (96x64p): Produces vibrant colours for maximum readability in any ambient light conditions.
Intuitive Single-Knob User Control: Push wheel allows you to rotate to easily access and quickly find dive control functions. Navigate up and down to pick your choice of screen display configurations.
Flip Up Hinge Mechanism: Screen conveniently tilts up and out of the way before or after a dive, or any time you don€™t need quick access to your dive data.
Selectable Dive Modes: Pick your dive mode for your diving purpose: SCUBA, Gauge, Apnea & CCR.

2 Dive Algorithms:

Choose between Predictive Multi-Gas Bühlmann ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG or ZH-L16 GF for your dive.

Predictive Multi-Gas Dive Algorithm: Advanced Uwatec algorithm programs up to 8 selectable gases including Nitrox and Trimix in SCUBA mode, plus 2 set points for CCR diving.
Microbubble levels and Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops (PDIS) can be incorporated into the algorithm to further personalise your dive.
Hoseless Air Integration: Monitors tank pressure plus provides true remaining bottom time (RBT) based on the workload from breathing.
3D Full-Tilt Digital Compass: Allows you to store 3 pre-programmed headings.


Customer Reviews

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Nick Reid
All the information you need, right up close

The Galileo HUD is one of the coolest things I’ve used diving. Having everything you need for your dive, including your depth, NDL, time and gas pressure without having to look at your wrist is amazing, especially when you’re concentrating on a photo, watching or helping your buddy or even doing a gas switch on a technical dive. The compass works really well too, displaying the bearing, but also a scrolling indicator, which has north marked red. I found this really helpful on a dive site at the Poor Knights that I had never dived before - we found our way right back to the boat thanks to it! The air intervention is excellent for keeping an eye on your gas pressure.

The interface is easy too, it’s a rotary button that you turn and press, with an easy to navigate interface. All in all the HUD is easy to use, and makes diving much easier, especially navigation.