SANTI E.Motion Drysuits from



The Santi E.Motion provides everything what a diver needs to be dry and safe. Made of lightweight Nylon fabric, which provides great flexibility and essential durability.

E.Motion ensures balance between fabric durability and lightweight features that make it a perfect travel drysuit. It is very easy to dry and clean, fold and store between the dives, thanks to that it fulfills the highest expectations of all recreational and technical divers that appreciate simplicity and quality.

Resistant to dirt and requiring minimal attention during explorations.



  • total weight – 3,2 kg,
  • fabric Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 235 g/m2.


In standard equipped with:

  • smartseals
  • aqua seal zipper at the front,
  • placement from the left shoulder to the right hip, covered by an additional zip-fastened flap,
  • optional colors of the body trunk,
  • telescopic torso,
  • 7/9 mm Neoprene collar hood,
  • neck seal made of latex insulated by 3 mm Neoprene,
  • Flexsole boots,
  • Kevlar® knee pads,
  • Apeks inlet valve,
  • high-profile Apeks outlet valve,
  • two spacious utilities pockets with elastic bungee loops and pocket for wet notes,
  • the right pocket with zip-fastened flap with a small pocket for double ender clip,
  • latex wrist seals,
  • inside suspenders with handy pocket,
  • medium pressure hose 75cm long,
  • STAY DRY travel bag – water-repellent.



SANTI provides 16 standard sizes of drysuits that fit most of standard, tall or short body silhouettes.  But if these do not match perfectly, then don't worry as you can make up to 5 changes of upto 5cm absolutley free.  
So for this is a product we would ideally have you come into store to get measured and to try on one of our demo suits to find the best match. If you cannot make it in store, then we can do this remotely using our measuring forms, video meetings and then have a demo suit sent to you to try on.

If you will not be able to match the standard sizes, SANTI offers Made To Measure dry suits the incur an additional fee. SANTI MTM suits are cut specifically, considering up to 24 body measurement points.

Customize the colour:

  • Side gores
  • Body top

Available in Black, Blue and Red

Free choice of Latex or Neoprene neckseal

Free choice of Flexsole Boots or Neoprene socks

Free choice of embroided name tag

Free choice of Kevlar Knee Pads

SmartSeals system allows quick and very easy seals exchange, without the need of special tools
or spare parts, except a new wrist seal of your choice at any moment. This system replaces the
standard wrist seals attachment in drysuit cuffs.

SmartSeals system is made of resistant and flexible materials. It is flexible and soft at the same time to avoid standard stiffness provided by other rings systems. It makes it very comfortable and hardly noticeable while diving.


SmartSeals system works with any type of wrist seals available on the market- latex or silicone. There is no need for specially designed or dedicated seals – it is up to you which seals you prefer.


SmartSeals system is secured with an additional rubber cover from the top of the sleeve which protects the seal against damage. It also gives an additional clean and elegant look to the sleeves of a drysuit.


SmartSeals system gives the possibility of installing rubber dry gloves instead of wrist seals. It should be considered that the gloves will be permanently attached to the drysuit in such case.


Full SmartSeals system includes:

  • a rubber, soft cuff ring with additional seal cover apron glued into the cuff of a dry suit,
  • a chosen wrist seal,
  • a Soft, inner seal – blocking ring.