Rob Fort Series Personal Tether


Rob Fort Series Personal Tether

Designed to keep kayaker connectied to kayak in the event of falling off of kayak.

Must be attached to kayak in seat area.  Must attach to person above the waist line.

Solo paddlers are advised to tether themselves to the kayak for safety reasons.  If a paddler becomes seperated from there kayak in higher wind strengths or when playing a big fish it could be difficult to get back to it when in the water.

This tether keeps you connected and the bungee prevents jaring to the body from excessive forces.

The large snap clip allows the user to disconnect from kayak during lauching and landings on shore.

Recommended for sit on-top fishing kayak use.

  • 140cm compressed length
  • Extends to 200cm
  • Internal 6mm bungee
  • Heavy duty outer webbing sleeve
  • Includes 50mm D-ring for attachment to quick release belt
  • Marine quality materials
  • 316 grade stainless fittings

NZ made quality