Rob Fort Series Insulated Kayak Catch Cooler Bag XL - For Old Town Predator PDL


Rob Fort Series Insulated Kayak Catch Cooler Bag XL - For Predator PDL

Heavy duty insulated bag storage system designed for use with kayaks.

The kayak catch cooler bags feature UV stabilised white PVC upper surface for sun reflection and blue PVC exterior/interior surfaces.

This heavy duty material is tough, resists puncturing from fish spikes, easy to clean and does not absorb odours.

6mm closed cell EVA foam inserts between surfaces provide superior insulation, protecting the catch from warm conditions. This also retains cold temperatures inside the bag when using salt ice and ice packs.

The insulated kayak cooler bag has a YKK plastic zip with two sliders and is reinforced with polypropylene opening. The full length zip runs from the rear of the bag on each side allowing the top to be folded back, exposing the entire internal space for easy catch removal and cleaning.

An internal webbing loop is incorporated at the rear end of the cooler bag for attachment of a fish threader clip.

The bag is securely attached to any kayak using the webbing straps and tri-glide fasteners. The adjustable straps can also be adapted for use with backpacks during land based applications.

Extra storage is also available with an elastic mesh polypropylene pocket incorporated on the top of the bag. The pocket is ideal for stowing equipment items like drift chute, net, dive fins and more.

The insulated cooler catch bag is perfect for keeping the catch secure and fresh all day long.

Large bag suits kayak models with well sizes - 96cm L x 443cm W x 17cm H

Fits: Old Town Predator PDL, Ocean Kayak; Trident 15, 13, 11 and Prowler/Trident 4.3/4.7