Prodive Youth Mask and Snorkel Set


The Pro-Dive Wide View Single Lens Silicone Dive Mask and Snorkel Set


A comfortable Silicone mask with Single Wide View lens to help you see clearly underwater.

A snorkel with a drop away purge snorkel with hi-flow dry-top splashguard for effortless breathing.

A quality-made mask and snorkel set that won't break the bank.

  • Mask
    • Tempered safety glass lens
    • Clear comfort fit skirt and strap
    • Double edge skirt for leak free fit
    • New style to fit a range of face shapes
    • With quick release buckle system
    • Outstanding field of vision with one piece glass and clear silicone sides
    • With low air volume

    • High flow semi-dry top splash guard
    • One piece easy flow bore tube
    • Angled clear connector
    • Unobstructed air flow
    • Sport purge housing and valve for easy clearing
    • One piece retainer
    • Comfort fit mouth piece

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