Petrel 3


Shearwater Petrel 3

Everything the Perdix does, but with a larger cleaner screen.

The PETREL 3 gives divers our most connected experience. A stunning, easy-to-read, 2.6” AMOLED display is protected by a toughened glass lens, titanium bezel, and piezo touch buttons.

Air integration is standard with up to four Shearwater transmitters to customize a solution from open circuit to rebreather and bailout gas pressure monitoring.

Safety is increased with a strong vibration alert system, and a user-changeable AA battery offers long dive times and ease of replacement.

PETREL 3 is available in standalone or rebreather monitoring models, including DiveCAN, 4-pin AK, and Fischer port connections.

6.60cm / 2.6” bright and clear AMOLED display

Impact resistant toughened aluminosilicate glass screen with superior clarity

Easy to navigate, state aware menu structure using just two buttons

The Petrel 3 works with any type of standard AA battery

Three Axis, tilt compensated, digital compass - Available in all modes

Strong vibration warning alerts

Smart ready Bluetooth® wireless technology for communication with PC, Mac, iPod and iPad

Dive Modes -

Air / Nitrox / 3 GasNx
OC Tec (Nitrox/Trimix Enabled)
CC/BO (Fixed PPO2)

Number of Gases



Optional VPM / Optional DCIEM

Depth Rating

290m / 950ft

Air Intergrated


Battery Life

Up to 60 Hours
(Lithium 1.5V - Recommended)Up to 40 hours
(AA Alkaline - No Vibration Support)

Up to 100 hours
(Saft LS14500 - No Vibration Support)


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