OMS 1m Safety Set - dSMB and Reel


OMS Safety Set - dSMB and Reel

Each Safety set contains a 1m SMB, Spool and Double-Ender Clip in a Safety Pocket.

Sending a Surface Marker Buoy is a skill that all divers should learn and all divers should carry them and practise sending one up per buddy team before ascending.

The Safety Kit is perfect for new divers and most traveling divers. A 1m SMB works well in tropical locations and conditions with calmer seas where a larger SMB is not necessary.

Yellow SMB's can mean emergency in some dive communities, so be sure you are aware of any colour meanings.

The bright red and yellow Safety Pocket makes it easy to locate by the dive buddy. The Safety Pocket attaches to any 5cm webbing or it can be clipped to the front of a BC. A zipper allows for easy access but prevents the items from falling out. 

The 1m Safety Kit includes:

1m SMB with an Open bottom and oral/power inflator with push mechanism.

75’ (23m) spool with finger dimple.  You cannot get your fingers stuck in the centre as there is no hole.

BigGrip™ Stainless Steel Double-Ender Clip.  For locking the line in place.  Can be used to assist reeling in the line.

High Visibility Safety Pocket.  If you do not have thigh pockets to stow your SMB and reel, then this option allows you to carry the set attached to a BCD.


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Great value

Great value DSMB. Comes with everything you need including a handy pouch you can attach to you BCD or other webbing.
Compact and easy to inflate.