Mares Razor C740 Carbon free dive fins


Mares Razor C740 Carbon Freedive Fins.

Soft or Medium

Carbon Fibre is known for its strength and lightness.  

It also has an exceptional action in fins, it pops back to it's original form using the energy to propel you through the water.

The Mares Razor C740 Fins blades are crafted with pre-impregnated carbon and fiberglass layers.

Simon got to try these fins out in Medium from autumn 2020 and they have since become his fin of choice.

Made with the high-quality manufacturing process, it's new variable side ribs support and optimize channel thrust and flex. 

The fibers cross over each other fewer times which increases the responsiveness of the blade.

The blade has variable thickness and has a high-performing parabolic flexion.

It's 22 degrees blade inclination ensures the efficiency of the fin and your every diving experience

Mares Razor C740 Fins Features:

    • Pre-impregnated carbon and fiberglass layers
    • New 3k carbon with fibers woven at 90 degrees
    • Crossing fibers increase responsiveness of blade
    • Variable blade thickness
    • High-performing parabolic flexion
    • High-quality manufacturing process
    • New variable side ribs support
    • 22 degrees blade inclination relative to the foot pocket
    • Designed to be worn with a 3mm neoprene sock
    • Fin protection bag included
    • Blade Length: 59cm
    • Blade Width: 21cm
    Blade: 59cm
    Material: Fiberglass
    Weight 42/43 EU: 1080g

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