Mares Bandit Speargun from


Mares Bandit Speargun

Great entry level speargun option for NZ Spearos.
The lightweight aluminium barrel is easy to move through the water.
The curved loading butt makes loading the gun simple and easy with the option to load on the chest or knee.
Remember loading a spear gun isn't about strength, it's all about technique.
The muzzle on the Bandit spear gun is a double muzzle, a second 16mm rubber can be fitted by you to give more power when targeting those larger fish.
There is a safety catch on the handle of the gun that sits just above the trigger mechanism for quick and easy release.
The gun comes standard with a 19mm band which is thick enough to provide plenty of power and uses a Dynema wishbone.
Tahitian tri-cut tip 7mm finned spear shaft.
Shark clip with swivel for easy float line attachment, and a rubber line bungee that helps reduce spear recoil.
The Bandit uses a highly durable, stainless steel firing mechanism that ensures great reliability over time.

Available in lengths 55cm and 75cm

  • Comfort grip over-molded handle
  • Toggle safety lock
  • Extruded aluminium barrel
  • Tricut 7mm spring steel shaft
  • Dyneema bridle for increased safety
  • Gun Bungee to reduce spear bounce
  • Closed muzzle with power-up option
  • Sharkclip with swivel for easy floatline attachment
  • Monofilament gun line with rubber gun bungee
  • Hip Loading butt plate

Customer Reviews

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Rodney Crawshaw

Going to the far north 2mro,sea how it goes!🤙.

Marvin Temporoza

Mares Bandit Speargun from

Online shopping a breeze

When buying online its hard to know if you are dealing with attributable company or with scam artists. This company is far from scam artists - and they communicate from the start of your purchase to the end. Their description of their products are detailed and easy to understand. I have done nothing but rave about your company to all my friends, family and aquaitences & how easy, and how fast my online order took. Keep up the brilliant services😃👍🏽