Mares Apnea Nose Clip


Perfect for training.

Open Water (lakes and ocean) freedivers wearing no mask or wearing swimming goggles use a nose-clip, not only to keep the water out of the nose and sinus cavities but also to provide pressure to equalise the ears.

In freediving, it is easier to dive to depth if the diver isn't constantly reaching to pinch his nose for equalisation as this disrupts streamlining.

The Mares Nose Clip light, compact and comfortable nose clip for freediving in all environments!

Mares Nose Clip Features:

  • Ergonomic shape for hands-free compensation
  • Light and compact
  • Soft over molded area for maximum grip and comfort
  • Can be applied on the mask or nose
  • Ideal for swimming and freediving in all environments
  • Symmetrically formed
  • Adjustable lanyard

Customer Reviews

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Andy Lewis
Won't stay on

I was very hopeful that these might be good for learning to roll my Kayak but actually, they just don't stay on.. they are fairly comfy but they are pretty big and they just wash off (my) nose (in this usage) which is pretty disappointing as they weren't all that cheap