MAHI Floats MAKO 50L


Mako 50L Spearo Float

The Mako - aka the don, the big dog, the game changer.

These are the floats that have been designed to stop the heartiest fish in the ocean and will help to land that fish of a lifetime. Whether it is the dogtooth tuna you are chasing in the islands, a striped marlin off a bait ball off the west coast, the world class donkey kingfish at the Three Kings - the Mako is the float to make it happen.

Its lightweight design doesn’t compromise on strength with 37mm stainless D-rings applied with stitched webbing allow for solid anchor points for your float line.

These floats are easy to inflate and deflate, making travel either locally or abroad an absolute breeze made only easier by the easy carry handles at the rear and sides.

Colours: Orange, Yellow, Pink
Weight: 2.1kg

Manufactured using military grade, double skinned PVC and the finest drop stitch materials gives us a stronger, lighter, high quality high pressure float which is built and designed to compete on the world stage in terms of quality. This is a float we are proud of. 

Our MAHI floats come with a bunch of extras (RRP $45.00)

These Include

Repair Kit 

- 2 x patches 

- Glue 

- Valve / Compressor Adapter 

- Valve Key 


Flag Kit 

- Base 

- Mast

- Alpha Flag

"MAHI - Get the Treats"

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