Luxfer Aluminium Cylinder 80 cu ft / 11.1L with DIN/K Valve


Luxfer, our choice of aluminium dive cylinder.

Aluminium tanks are perfect for living on board a boat as they do not rust even when scratched.

Ideal stage cylinder for tech diving, Sidemount cylinder & general scuba or fast response cylinder.

Luxfer have lesser positive buoyancy compared to Catalina, meaning you need less lead when the gas gets used, ideal for stage/deco bottles.

This is the standard sized aluminium cylinder, 80 cu ft/11.1L with a working pressure of 207 bar.

Aluminium cylinders do become more buoyant than steel tanks when the gas inside is used.  From around 120bar, it is noticable.   

As a guide, do a thorough weight check at the start of the dive with a full cylinder, (refer to your dive training for the procedure), then add 2 kg for the air that will be used on the dive.  Then repeat the weight check at the end of the dive with 50 bar left in the cylinder for an accurate weight check.

Ensure to rinse all dive gear down with fresh water. 

Our Luxfer cylinders come with a 207bar DIN/K Valve.

Do not store on a salt water wet foam tank cradle for extended periods as this can lead to corrosion/pitting.

Please contact us if you are interested in this product.