Light and Motion "The Tray" for GoPro and other action cameras


The Ultimate Camera & Light Tray

The Tray was designed to maximize the potential of action cameras like the GoPro Hero by providing a  compact, travel ready and affordable underwater HD imaging solution for aiding stabilisation and adding video lights. 
Attaching video lights to bring back the beautiful colours lost underwater when within 2 to 3 metres of a subject.
The "Locline" arms make lighting position adjustments quick and easy.  They can be easily shortened or lengthened by removing or adding Locline segments.
It's best to secure your camera system to yourself.  We use a bungy attachment in combination with a Medium to large snap bolt.  This aids being streamlined when no using the camera.   It also reduces the risk of loosing a camera if dropped.
Ships with standard tripod mount screw.

  • Camera Tray
  • 2 GoPro Mounts
  • 2 Locline Arms
  • 2 Sidekick Adapters
  • 2 Sola LocLine Mounts
  • 2 GoBe LocLine Mounts

Compatible With:
• DSLR & Action Cameras
• Tripod Systems
• GoPro Handles
• Locline Systems
• Flip Filters
• Sidekick, Sola & GoBe Lights
Upgrade to one of our bundle options that include a pair of Light and Motion Gobe 1000 Wide or Light and Motion Sola 2000 lights. 
Photos of combo show older light models