Light and Motion Sola 2500F Video Light


The SOLA platform has redefined underwater lighting with its reliable factory sealed design, compact form and intuitive feature sets.

Divers across the world recognise the SOLA as the premier lighting option to enhance every dive.

Sola Video 2500 Flood is currently the most popular SOLA model, available individually, or as part of a set with camera tray and arms.

The SOLA 2500 Flood Video has a 60 deg flood beam, giving a wide even light - perfect for video and now becoming more popular with photographers moving away from strobes.

Smart battery management dashboard has coloured LED’s to give you an indication of the remaining battery life.  This means as the lights change colour, you can choose to reduce the power.

Green light = 76% - 100%

Amber = 56% - 75%

Red = 0% - 50%

Burn time is 45 mins on full, 90 mins on Medium (1000 lumen)  and 180 mins on Low (500 Lumen)

Standard SOLA features

  • Factory Sealed
  • Depth rated to 90m
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Smart features including temperature management and battery management
  • Multiple mounting options available so SOLA is extremely versatile

Customer Reviews

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Nick Reid
Great video lights

I use a pair of these as video lights with a go pro. They’re really easy to use, simple interface, easy to charge and work out how much juice you have left. The beam is just right, and with two you can easily light big spaces like the inside of wrecks. They charge quickly and the runtime means you can easily get 2 dives worth of video lighting.out of them.