Mares Kaila Womans BCD


Mares Womans Kaila SLS BCD

Comfortable, convenient, innovative and incredibly robust. 

We highly recommend getting a womans BCD (if you are a woman) rather than a standard BCD as you will get a better fit.  Woman tend to have shorter backs and different shape across the shoulders and chest.  This BCD accommodates all of this for a much nicer fit for us ladies.

The Jacket is equipped with the new SLS ballast system - Slide and Lock System for the weight pockets.  This means that it is easy to slide the pockets in and lock them into place.  Once you have locked in the weight pockets into the BCD then you can check the viewing button to ensure they are successfully locked in.

The SLS system has a capacity of 4+4 kg on sizes XS to S, and 6+6 kg on sizes M, L and XL.

There is also a stretch pocket with a neoprene panel made from the same neoprene used for wetsuits: abrasion resistant and with a strong horizontal zip.

The fit is excellent and the performance is enhanced by the separation between the bag and straps. This enables a wider range of movement and greater stability of the bag itself, even when adjustments are made during the dive. The bag is connected to the shoulder strap by a buckle that can be slid over a belt, thus ensuring that there is no traction on the shoulders during inflation.

The Mares Kaila SLS buoyancy compensator allows you to change the position of the ribbon that holds the corrugated hose in two different positions, to satisfy both those who want maximum ease in releasing air by raising the corrugated hose and those who prefer a corrugated hose that is more restrained and close to the body. And it is actually the wrinkle that has been improved: the length is now reduced to 32cm (instead of 40cm) for sizes S, XS and XXS (only available for the female Kaila version).

Other female BCD options that sell well are the Scubapro Hydros Pro and Aqualung Lotus.

Add a Mares Force Nano Plus Knife, a Mares EOS Torch and OMS Safety Set to complete your safety equipment.

The main features of the Kaila SLS are:
- Exceptionally stable and comfortable yet robust and durable
- Bag separated from the shoulder straps for greater comfort when inflated
- Counter-shoulder strap that anchors the adjustable corrugated tube
- Intelligent positioning of the Trim Weight system
- SLS ballast system
- New 40 mm swing buckles
- Large pockets with elastic panels
- Adjustable belly band
- Single plate backrest suitable for single and twin cylinders
- Visual confirmation of the correct insertion of the weight pockets
- Customisation label on the weight pockets

The technical specifications of the Kaila SLS Jacket are:
- Weight system: SLS
- Thrust: 180N (Size M)
- Material: Cordura 420
- Eyelets: 5 x Stainless Steel D-rings
- Weight: 4.4kg (Size M)
- Backpack: Monoplate

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