Heser Pee Valve


Heser Pee Valve

Do you use a drysuit and are looking for a way to pee during a dive? 

The Heser Pee valve is an innovative high quality design that should make it your first choice when looking at these accessories.


  • Gluing the valve in dry suit is not necessary.
  • Leak-proof sealing due to O-ring toward to suit.
  • For cleaning the valve can be removed and assembled in a leak-proofing manner easily.
  • The high of the valve inside the suit is only about 13mm, nevertheless the same flow is reached as with well-knows valves.
  • The valve in the suit is affixed by five screws, not with one central thread, thus the cover cap can be opened without removing the whole valve unintentionally meaning you can avoid flooding by incorrect reassembly. The screws are also well rounded and do not damage the under suit.
  • For the five screws metal threaded bushes are begun into the plastic part, like that the threads are very loadable in the counterpart.
  • The valve can be opened and closed with one turn.
  • The cover cap has a defined and exact turn stop

Men will need to use a condom Catheter and ladies will need to use a She-P with this item.

Condom catheter nor She-P are not included.

It is very important to clean this item after use.  Flush through with water and then use a cleaning agent and then flush through with water again.

Customer Reviews

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Nick Reid
Essential for long dives!

This makes drysuit diving even better! You can drink as much water as you need to (hydration is really important for safe diving), and still have a comfortable dive. Installs easily and is really well made.