Halcyon Flare EXP torch


Halcyon Flare EXP 

A great light for instructors, explorers, and anyone who embraces underwater efficiency. 

Whether you are a recreational or technical diver, instructor or explorer, the Flare EXP is a solidly constructed, compact, and bright light that will improve the quality of your diving experience.


If you are a recreational diver...

You will enjoy the compact, slim design of the Flare EXP. It is light enough to be comfortable on your hand, but packs a strong punch in both brightness and burn time. With a 2.6 AmpH battery, the Flare EXP has a burn time of 2.5 hours on high and 5 hours on low, giving you plenty of time for one long dive or multiple shorter dives. This light is an impressive choice for recreational divers looking to gain experience using a primary light. Some scenarios in which you would want to use the Flare EXP as a recreational diver:

  • Restoring true color to your diving environment
  • Signalling/communicating with your buddy
  • Night diving
  • Checking out wrecks


If you are a technical diver...

You will enjoy the capabilities of the Flare EXP as a bright light with an adjustable beam that doesn't weigh your hand down and keeps your kit streamlined and simple. You will not have to manage a light cord on top of the rest of your dive gear, giving you the freedom to focus on other things (such as safety and enjoyment of your dive). The Flare EXP offers you flexibility as a strong choice for a primary light or as a backup primary to your corded light. It is easy to hand off or stow in a pocket. This light is a powerful option for seasoned/technical divers. Some scenarios in which you would want to use the Flare EXP as a technical diver:

  • Sidemount diving
  • On a wreck
  • In a cave


If you are an instructor...

You will enjoy the benefits of the Flare EXP at any level of teaching. Many instructors choose the Flare EXP as a backup primary light to save a dive if and when a student's light fails. This is possible because you can fit one or even two Flare EXPs in most large pockets. This light is a good option to use with newer students as they learn to use a light for communciation since they do not need to manage a light cord while doing drills. The Flare EXP is great for traveling since it is small and lightweight. This light is an option with many benefits for diving instructors. You can use the Flare EXP as an instructor of any level for these students:

  • Recreational
  • Technical
  • Other instructors


If you are an explorer...

You will enjoy the convenience and reliability of the Flare EXP. The 5.2 AmpH battery will last for 5 hours on high and 10 hours on low. Explorers in Mexico use the lower brightness setting frequently to cover the increased length of their dives. The Flare EXP is a great option for exploration because you can stow multiple lights in your pockets as backup primaries for yourself or your teammates. This light is an option with many advantages for explorers. You can use the Flare EXP for these types of dives:

  • Scientific
  • Project
  • Exploratory

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