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Designed, tested and refined by diving pioneers, Halcyon is widely regarded as a world leader in dive exploration equipment.

This system improves the diving comfort of every diver; from the newest recreational diver to supporting divers doing the aggressive technical dives. 


  • Halcyon Eclipse Wing 30lbs or 40lbs
  • Halcyon Ali or SS Backplate
  • Adjustable Cinch Harness
  • Halcyon Single Tank Adapter with SS buckles
  • STA weighted insert
  • Halcyon Deluxe Shoulder Pads
  • Halcyon Deluxe Backplate Pad
  • Halcyon ACB Weight Pockets


Halcyon Eclipse 30 Wing

The Halcyon Eclipse is a low profile, exploration-grade wing that leaves all other single tank designs in its shadow. Another example of Halcyon taking the game to the next level.

The Eclipse wings have a long and narrow profile to support the diver's tank along his or her entire length, preventing unnecessary drag and minimising effort. A circular zipper around the inside of the wing allows for easy inspection.

A choice of lift capacities helps to maximise comfort and streamlining while accounting for various buoyancy requirements that result from differences in tank size, exposure protection, or equipment requirements. 

A drainage system allows water to drain rapidly from the outer cover to minimise excess weight.  

An inflator elbow strain relief constructed from two-inch nylon webbing minimises wear on this.

Halcyon inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams.

  • Outer shell 1680-denier ballistic nylon
  • Inner bladder 400-denier Nylon
  • Available in 30lbs and 40lbs lift capacities. 

Which wing size?

The Halcyon Eclipse wing comes in 30lbs and 40lbs lift capacity and the amount of lift required by a diver depends on his/her kit configuration. Stretched out flat the Eclipse 30lbs measures 67cm x 46cm compared to the Eclipse 40lbs which is 70cm x 50cm.

The 30lbs wing is more suitable for a lighter profile diving rig such as a single 12L steel cylinder whereas the 40lbs is ideal for divers who want that "extra bit" of lift for emergency assistance or to carry heavier cylinder setups like a 15L cylinder but is better suited for twin 12L.

Why not colour your wing?

Customise your Wing and stand out from the crowd.  For just an extra $110 you can select a colour for the front, the back and the gussett strip that joins them.

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