Halcyon 1m Diver Alert Marker - SMB


Halcyon Diver Alert Markers (DAM) 1 Metre - SMB.

Surface Marker Buoys are essential pieces of safety equipment that all divers of all qualifiactions diving all conditions, should carry.

Sent up during your safety stop/Deco Stop attached to a finger spool or dive reel, they let your boat know where you are and that you are staring on your way up giving them time to prepare for your arrival.

In the event of separation for the dive team it allows your boat to track multiple divers in the water.

It allows other vessels in the area know that you are there. this doesn't mean you should display a dive flag.

This model is inflated via the oral inflate valve with either the divers breathe, or, you can use your drysuit hose/ LPI hose.

Features of Halcyon DAM's

  • Easily inflated at depth
  • Integrated Pressure relief valve prevents damage to buoy if deployed from depth
  • When deflated, the buoy fits in either a Halcyon pocket or backplate storage pack.
  • No-Lock (one way valve) construction for oral inflate or LP hose connection

This 1m DAM has a lift capacity of 6lb (2.7KG)

Customer Reviews

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Nick Reid
Handy little fella!

I use this marker as my backup, it packs down really small and fits nicely in my drysuit pocket. The beast feature though is the no-lock inflator thingy - you can fill it either with your mouth, drysuit hose or bc hose. Unlike some other markers, you don't have to push the hose on and then push further to open the valve - press the hose on, it fills, pull the hose away, or just let it fall off as the bag heads to the surface. Greatly reduces the chance of the bag pulling your reg away, or even worse you to the surface. Super easy!