Freediver Bronze Package


Freediver Bronze Package comes with everything you need to get started.

  • Mares Illusion 5mm Open Cell Wetsuit
  • Tana Mask
  • Element Snorkel
  • Mares Rubber Belt
  • Concorde Fins

Mares Illusion 5mm Open Cell Wetsuit

The Illusion 50 freediving wetsuit jacket is made of 5 mm neoprene. The jacket is internally in open cell neoprene, while the exterior is gray lined with a camouflage print depicting a seabed.
A pre-shaped cut ensures comfort and excellent fit with a non-slip chest pad with an internal neoprene "shock absorber" .
Spearfishing will be easier, safer and more fun.

Mares Concorde Fins

The Concorde spearfishing fins are designed for freedivers who love a shorter but more powerful fin . Ideal for free diving in low and medium depths.
The highly reactive technopolymer used for the blade, combined with the new parabolic flexion, allows for better thrust in all conditions. Available in 5 sizes, it is produced with a new very soft and comfortable compound for a better fit and transmission of thrust to the blade.

Mares Tana Mask

Has a soft silicone skirt, easy to pinch nose to help with equalising and fits a lot of different face shapes.  The Tana has been around for a long time .... and that's just because it's good and popular for freedivers and spearfishers.

Mares Rubber Belt

Great weight belt for Freediving as the elasticity in the belt 'sticks' it to your wetsuit and compresses with you as you descend deeper on your dive.  This means that your weight belt won't slide up and down your body when you are either heading down or coming back from your dive.

3mm thick and 140cm long and has a Stainless Steel Quick Release buckle. 

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