Fourth Element Rec Fins


Rec Fins are the first scuba diving fins to be made from recycled post consumer plastic waste.

With a fully recycled plastic blade, the Rec Fins deliver great diving performance with much lower impact on the environment.

Using a classic 4 channel design generates thrust on both the down and upstroke of the fin, whilst the stiffening ribs ensure excellent control, making this the perfect combination of efficiency and eco-consciousness, minimizing your fin print on the ocean.

Key Features

The blade and foot pocket are made from 100% recycled plastic (recycled polypropylene and recycled thermoplastic rubber)
Fins come packaged in zero plastic
Adjustable silicone heel strap on scuba fin provides 6 points of adjustment
Soft foot pocket
Classic 4 channel fin design

Fabric and Care

Recycled PP & TRP
RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Tetraphyte)
Always check the strap
s are fitted to the fins firmly and with no damage before your dive.

Wash in fresh water after use and either lay flat or hang from the heel straps for storage


Heel Type: Open Heel
Strap Type: 6 Point Adjustment
Blade Length: Small - 37cm/14.6in, Regular - 38.5cm/15.2in, X-Large - 40cm/15.7in
Single Fin Weight: Small - 0.85kg/1.9lb, Regular - 0.9kg/2lb, X-Large - 1kg/2.2lb

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