Fourth Element Arctic Leggings



Warm, low bulk, low buoyancy thermal undersuit for drysuits that works even when wet. Available as a full one-piece suit or two-piece, the Arctic is designed to be used as part of a layering system under a trilaminate drysuit.

Fourth Element undergarments have been our go to undergarment for the past 7 years.  They do exactly what they are supposed to, they wick away moisture from your skin and keep you warm.  Even if you have a small leak from a wrist or even a faulty pee valve.

Some divers find that the Arctics by themselves are enough all year around in New Zealand, but for those of you like us that feel the cold, we add an extra Fourth Element layer such as a Xerotherm or X-Core during the very cold months.  Don't do this too earlt as you may feel too warm on your dive.

Fourth Element realise we are all different shapes and sizes and so they have short versions in the leggings. We can order them in especially  See the size chart below.

Many woman divers just use the men''s sizes, but Fourth Element do female sizes too.  We can order them in especially.  See the charts at the bottom of the page.