Fourth Element 5mm Neoprene Gloves


The Ultimate glove for maximum dexterity and warmth.  

Not a hunting glove

Once again Fourth Element have triumphed in thermal protection. This time for your most important working extremity, your hands.

If your hands get cold during a dive, it becomes increasingly difficult to complete essential tasks such as pressing your inflate and deflate buttons on BCD’s and drysuits. Try unclipping your BCD or weights at the end of a dive with numb and weakened hands and it almost proves to difficult. Not a good state to be in.

Fourth Element gloves offer a snug fitting design that nearly eliminates water flow into the glove. With all the stitching fully sealed it takes a good 5-10 minutes before you start to feel the water getting in.

Most divers will find the 3mm neoprene offers enough warmth, but for those who need a little extra this 5mm is the answer.  

The glove is difficult to get into for the first few dives, but it will be worth the effort.

The gloves have a patterned exterior coating which helps maintain grip and dexterity making these the ultimate thermal glove.

The 5mm gloves give outstanding dexterity – ideal for photography and videography.

  • Features include;
  • Stretch neoprene for fit and comfort
  • Thermoflex lining for warmth,
  • Sealed seams to minimise water ingress,
  • Easy donning minimalist design
  • Carbonite finish for grip and durability.

These gloves have also been popular with sailors heading out into colder climates due to the waterproof seals.  


Customer Reviews

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Great winter gloves

These gloves keep your hands so warm in winter. They are hard to get on when new and/or dry but so worth it. Only reason they don’t get 5 stars is because of lack of dexterity. If you need warm hands and won’t be needing to do fiddly work such as using a camera then these are for you!