Cylinder Valve 3/4" - 14 NPSM - DIN/K Convertible 232bar


We stock only the 232bar 3300psi version of this valve so it can be put into any NZ scuba cylinder.  Be aware there is a lower rated 204bar 3000psi valve available.

DIN Convertible Valve (3/4"- 14 NPSM thread).

Has a high-capacity dip tube that prevents contaminants from reaching the air stream. the valve is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Snorkel with hex fitting.

The valve has a DOT approved burst disc assembly uses integrated-disc and plug design.

The Pro Valve is cycle tested at the Sherwood factory 5,000 times to exceed-all-real-time world applications assuring the user the highest in quality and dependability.
The valve is engineered with High-Flow characteristics to maximize regulator performance.

A positive hand wheel grip for easy identification of on/off direction and the valve is designed with proven and readily available replacement valve parts.

Sherwood Pro DIN/Yoke Valve is manufactured from durable corrosion resistant marine grade chrome plated brass.

 There will be a small dent like shape on the DIN insert.  This is so you can remove the O ring and not a defect.