Beuchat Hero 1100 Speargun

Beuchat Hero 1100 Speargun

Keen on spearfishing then this speargun could be yours!



• New Hero pistol grip & open head - Reverse Mechanism for a longer pull

• Inverted position for improved load power

• Super comfortable anti-slip elastomer handle for optimum grip with or without gloves.

• Optimised inclination for natural arm-gun alignment

Technical Specifications

Hero pistol grip 

  • Inverted position allows the mechanism to be moved back by approximately 5 centimeters compared to a traditional design. The shaft attachment system is thus positioned virtually level with the heel of the gun butt. This makes for improved load power.
  • Super comfortable anti-slip elastomer handle for optimum grip with or without gloves. Optimized inclination for natural arm-gun alignment
  • Techno-polymer pistol grip reinforced with glass fiber and beads
  • 316 L stainless steel trigger guard
  • Reversible line release
  • Side fins for line clearance
  • Improved safety with right/left toggle lever 
  • Reel-holder rail located against the guard for more compact design


  • All 316 L stainless steel mechanism 
  • Trigger cassette in reinforced 316 L stainless steel
  • Can take 7 mm spears with 2 mm line
  • Short trigger travel mechanism for improved accuracy and speed during quick shots

 Hero head

  • New, more compact head for double rubbers with  stainless steel line guide
  • Cellular structure to reduce the weight of the head, increase buoyancy and minimise lateral drag
  • Sturdy line attachment ring on the head, welded for increased resistance


  • Integral spear guide with low-profile rail
  • Sealed by double O-rings
  • Lightweight aluminium tube  28 mm diameter, 1 mm thick, reinforced by integration of the rail 
  • Male pistol grip/tube assembly for increased buoyancy
  • Cutaway gun butt to keep sight line clear


  • 2 lugs Shaft single barb - 6,5 mm
  • MEGATONNE bands
  • Shock absorber

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