Mares Bonito X One Combo Mask, Snorkel, Fin Set WHITE


Mares Bonito X-One Set

A great Mask, Snorkel and Fin set for the Scuba diver or snorkeler, with mask featuring dual, optimally shaped reverse tear drop lenses, a splash top snorkel with easy exhale purge value and soft silicone mouthpiece and Bare-foot, open heel fins with Riddled Foot Pocket reduces the parachute effect for easier kicking action

Set Includes:


  • Exclusive design with dual, optimally shaped reverse tear drop lenses
  • Bright and stylish new colourways
  • Low volume mask with hypoallergenic Silicone skirt for water tight seal and hours of comfortable usage
  • Wide Lens in tempered glass offers nearly 180° vision
  • EZ Adjust buckles directly on mask skirt
  • Includes re-usable Mask Box


  • Stylish snorkel with splash top,
  • Includes Easy Exhale purge valve and soft silicone mouthpiece


  • Mares new bare-foot, open heel fin
  • Soft central channel give optimum performance with minimal effort
  • Riddled Foot Pocket reduces the parachute effect for easier kicking action
  • The shorter blade makes it perfect for travel
  • New buckle-free size regulation system means greater flexibility in sizing

      Customer Reviews

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      Great gear. Great service

      I was quickly contacted to let me know that the colour option had sold out over the weekend but they would have another shipment shortly. I appreciate them reaching out and giving me options inc another colouror refund. I chose to wait for the white set but hardly noticed the delay. It must've gone out the same day it came in. Awesome service.
      Already had the gear out and it works like a dream. Have already recommended both Dive Gear Online and this set to friends and family.