Beuchat Taz Dive Knife


Beuchat Taz Dive Knife

Smart 2-in-1 lanyard system.

Outstanding ergonomics for greater strength and precision. Not only acts as a wrist strap but also serves to stop the knife slipping out of its sheath accidentally.

Beuchat Taz Knife Features:

  • One sharp edge 90x20mm
  • Plastic sheath
  • Securing straps
  • 190mm long


Customer Reviews

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Craig Mills
Awesome little knife

This knife is perfect for spearfishing/iki. The sheath does not rattle at all. The wrist strap acts as the perfect extra encasing the knife in its sheath with nil movement whilst swimming etc. I have never had this knife come loose whilst swimming through thick kelp beds and tight spaces.
This is a really good knife