Beuchat Focea Comfort Ladies 7mm Wetsuit


The Ultimate 7mm wetsuit with Hood for Diving in New Zealand

There really isn't any excuse being cold diving.

We use the Beuchat Focea Comfort wetsuits in our training fleet as we want our students to be as warm and as comfortable as possible to enjoy their experience. 

We have had so many customers come back and comment on how comfortable and warm this suit is.  Many of them find it unbelievable. 

This should be true for you too. 

In winter or for those divers who really feel the cold, we pair our Beuchat Comfort wetsuits with Hoods and Gloves, plus Fourth Element Ocean Positive Thermocline Vests.

The Focea Comfort wetsuit range has been acclaimed as the finest diving apparel in the world.

Maximum comfort thanks to its anatomical cut, high quality pre-forming, ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene, Flex System and Free Flex Zone.

Maximum warmth with its Fireskin lining and the Water Dam System (Beuchat patent) to prevent the inflow of water.

Maximum resistance with Supratex 2 kneepads plus further reinforcements at the shoulders, legs and seat.

2019 has seen a cosmetic change to this suit and the addition of a longer front neck zip.  Moving away from the light blue accent to the blue starburst.  Our current XL and larger suits may be with the light blue accent. 

The Purpose of the Focea Comfort Wetsuit is to maximise Comfort, Warmth and Durability.

To create the ultimate Scuba Diving Wetsuit, Beuchat have created the Focea Comfort 4 using 48 Different Panels and 18 different types of Neoprene to increase movement, improve fit, and therefore add warmth. The Inner lining is comprised completley of Fireskin which retains heat and repels water.

Other Features include:

– Elaskin seals on the wrists and ankles
– Beuchat Patented Water Dam system on the Zip
– Supratex Reinforcement on the Elbows, Knees and Shoulders
– Beuchat Flex System on behind the Knees and Elbows
– Universal Computer Holder on the wrist to stop any movement

Size Guide2

SIZE Height (CM) Chest (CM) Waist (CM)
Small 163/168 88 92
Medium 168/173 93 96
Medium Long 178/183 93 96
Large 173/178 98 100

Customer Reviews

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Best fitting semi-dry

This is the best fitting semi-dry wetsuit I’ve ever used. It’s so warm and is designed for a women’s body so it doesn’t let the cold water in. It’s really buoyant when new so I needed extra weight at first. The hood is what finally made me see the value in hoods. It’s the only one that’s ever fit my head and doesn’t have a large gap at the top. The glow-in the dark too makes it easy for my buddy to see me on a wreck or night dive.