Beuchat Elaskin 2mm Diving Gloves


If you know neoprene, then you will know Beuchat and Elaskin.

The Beuchat Elaskin Scuba diving Gloves are Five finger, ultra soft neoprene, 2mm gloves with Supratex protection on the palm and the underside of the fingers for additional grip.

The elastic nature of the Elaskin makes these gloves both comfortable and practical.

Great to use when completing tasks in the water such as taking a photo, loading a speargun or stringing a fish.

Supratex is as good as Kevlar when it comes to protection, but it is more flexible.  Beuchat use it on their top end suits in the knees and elbows.  So it makes sense to use it on gloves.

They are even comfortable enough to use around the dive shop on a cold day.