Beuchat Aquabionic EVO "Hinged" Fins


Beuchat Aquabionic Scuba Diving Fins

Inspired by different marine mammals to create the most comfortable and most powerful dive fin ever designed

The only fin in the world to integrate Water Adapting Responsive Propulsion (WARP) technology.

Beuchat’s exclusive system is designed to amplify the thrust of the diver’s finstroke.

Exclusive patented WARP Technology

The special 45° orientation of the double hinge increases the surface of the blade during the stroke and acts as an energy accumulator. The central deformable part of the fin allows the blade to accumulate a volume of water that is determined by, and proportional to, the effort produced by the diver. On returning to its original form, this mass of water is forced to the rear in line with the fin by the central membrane (shape-memory material).

The Aquabionic fin thus outputs all the energy accumulated to deliver an effective thrust that considerably multiplies the initial effort made by the diver.

Result: The response of the fin varies according to the demand expressed by the power that the diver puts into their finstroke:

- Precise and easy-to-handle at low finning frequencies
- Powerful and reactive when needed


Size EU

38 - 41


41 - 44


44 - 46