Remember before you use your mask for the first time it is a good idea to treat it with Sea Buff. This removes the silicone film that is applied to the mask during the manufacturing process and is the biggest contributor to a fogging mask.

Once the mask has been treated then Sea Drops Anti Fog can be used before each dive or snorkel to keep the mask from fogging.

Aqualung Reveal X2 Mask


The Aqualung Reveal X2 Mask 

Made to be Aqualungs most comfortable mask yet with many features to make it fit better.

A premium mask the Reveal has super soft, crystal-clear silicone with a new ergonomic skirt.

New buckles attach directly to the skirt for flexibility and have a quick single-button adjustment for the new spherical strap.

Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS)

Aqualung's UASS has been designed to seal around a wide range of face shapes and made from super-soft silicone make the Reveal one of the most comfortable masks that will fit straight out of the box.

The Reveal has a textured nose pocket for greater control when equalising and the clear skirted options are made from crystal-clear silicone to let plenty of light in.

Feature Product Specification
Coated Lenses No
Frame Type Framed
Lens Type Twin Lens
Low Profile No
Prescription Lenses No
Purge Valve No
Second Skirt Yes
Side Lenses No
Skirt Material Crystal-clear silicone


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