Aqualung Pro Package


This is the perfect Aqualung Package.  Featuring 2 standout products:

- Aqualung Dimension BCD

- Aqualung Legend Elite Regulator & Octi


The flag ship of Aqualung regulators has had a facelift and some upgrades.  The New Aqualung Legend 3

First Stage

  • When the first stage is not connected to a cylinder valve, the Auto Closure Device (ACD) keeps the inlet shut to protect the first stage internal parts from contamination and corrosive water.
  • Exceptional cold-water performance is achieved by modernizing Aqua Lung's three anti-freeze properties.
  • Auto-Balanced (also known as Over-Balanced)
  • Progressive increase of the working pressure to maintain optimum breathing efforts.
  • Ergonomically shaped DIN and YOKE screws made of a bi-material “Soft Grip” surface provide a better hold when installing or removing the first stage – especially with cold hands
  • Perfectly positioned HP and MP ports provide optimal hose routing

Second Stage Primary

  • New front cover opening channels allow water to flow sideways over the diaphragm.
  • New overmolded exhaust cover made of elastomer with a “soft touch” effect
  • Overmolded air purge with wide surface area making purging easier
  • Patented Comfobite mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue.
  • Detachable and reusable mouthpiece clamp allows a quick and simple tool-free mouthpiece change without plastic waste.
  • Air channel deflector
    • Directs the air flow evenly during the inhalation phase
    • Streamlined bi-material deflector lowers the exhalation effort
  • Flexible and lightweight Aqua Flex hose with dual protectors.


The Aqualung Dimension is a rear-inflation style BC that incorporates Aqualung's integrated Wrapture Harness System, providing amazing comfort and stability. The Dimension is made from durable, fade-resistant ResisteK material and features the patented SureLock II mechanical integrated weight system.

Wrapture Harness System. Using patented swivel shoulder buckles and a proprietary, ultra-thin back plate, the Wrapture prevents the BC from riding-up on the surface. Out of the water, the Wrapture keeps the cylinder close to your centre of gravity and transfers the weight to your hips allowing you to effortlessly stand up straight.

SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System (patented) allows you to easily insert the weight pouch and an audible click lets you know the weights are secure in the BC. Once engaged, the weights can be released with a firm pull the handle.

High pressure (HP) hose routings through the back keep your entire kit low profile thus minimising drag. The low profile flat valves reduce drag when moving through the water. A bladder retraction system is used to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflation. This keeps unit streamlined and reduces drag.

Adjustable chest strap for personal comfort. A clever octo-pocket on the right lobe secures the octopus while keeping it accessible and visible throughout the dive.

Two large, easy-to-access utility pockets are found on either side of the Dimension. Easy-to-access knife attachment points on the left lobe accommodate many of the Aqualung knives.

Features 4 stainless-steel D-rings and 4 plastic D-rings (1 is located inside the left pocket) for all your accessories. Right shoulder pull dump provides an additional dumping option. Rolled neoprene neck collar for comfort. Non-releasable weight pockets on the back of the BC help the diver achieve proper positioning in the water. All sizes can hold up to 13.5 kg (30 lb) of lead weight with 9 kg (20 lb) releasable.

Buoyancy control is provided by the Powerline inflator mechanism. Increased fill rate; now one of the highest air flows in the industry. Environmentally sealed unit for less maintenance. Integrated hose clips attach to the hose to lower profile and streamline gear. Cable activated rapid exhaust at the top, simply pull down on lower unit to dump air. Inflator includes dust cap cover for QD nipple.

Aqualung Dimension Size Chart - Metric

Avaliable in sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL

Size Height
Waist Range
Over the
Small 158-170 54-70 69-107 86-102
Medium 170-178 68-75 76-114 99-114
Medium Large 179-183 73-86 81-119 104-119
Large 183-188 82-95 89-127 109-124
Extra Large 188-197 88-109 94-132 114-130



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