Waist (in)  33-36  35-37  38-41  39-42  41-44
 Waist (cm)  84-91  88-95  96-103  100-107  104-111
 Thigh (in)  21-22  22-23  25-26  26-27  27-28
 Thigh (cm)  55-57  57-59  63-65  66-68  69-71
 Leg Opening (in)  16-17  17-18  19-20  21-22  22-23
 Leg Opening (cm)  41-43  43-45  49-51  52-54  55-57

Apeks Tech Shorts


Tired of having your torch swinging from your wrist during your dive?  Want to take your Go-Pro on a dive but you don't want to risk loosing it?  Your BCD pocket is just too tight to be useful?

Well we have the answer to make your dive hassle free. Wetsuit pockets large enough to actually be useful  pair of neoprene short.

If you do not want to glue pockets onto your wetsuit, then these shorts could be the answer you are looking for. 

They are perfect if you wear different wetsuits throughout the year; 3mm for the tropics and a 7mm or even a shorty over another wetsuit in cooler waters.  

The waist has a velcro adjuster and belt for easy size adjustments.

They can also be worn above a dry suit that cannot have pockets glued on.

In warm enough conditions, they can be worn alone with a rash top.

Also useful for other aquatic activities.

the additional storage of slates, spools or torches is required while wearing a wet suit.

The large pockets are big enough to stow a back up mask, SMB and reel and wetnotes. 

The pocket have large D rings for securing items with clips so they are not lost when removing an item from the pocket.

They velcro down for when they are not in use.

The protective rubber prints on the back reduces friction damage while increasing grip and would be very useful outside of the dive environment, for example on a jet ski or RIB.


These are men's cut shorts, but many women wear them comfortably.


  • 1.5mm neoprene -small diamond lining outside, nylon inside.
  • Easy adjustable waist band with 2 hook and loop flaps and adjustable strap with a quick release buckle.
  • Big cargo pockets with expandable system, made in fabric to prevent the distortion of the shape.
  • Grommets for fast drainage.
  • D ring to secure accessories.
  • Protective rubber prints on the back reduces friction damage while increasing grip, useful if used on a jet ski or RIB.
  • Taped sewing on back and inside legs to prevent broken