Apeks RK3 "Jet" Fins


Apeks RK3

Do you like a jet style fin, but need a buoyant fin?  Well the RK3 is just that.

Designed in collaboration with the US military and renowned for outstanding performance and reliability, the Apeks RK3 is a rugged thermoplastic rubber fin featuring an over-sized foot pocket to accommodate drysuit boots and a spring strap for easy donning and doffing. The RK3 is available in three sizes: Medium, Large and Super.

We didn't give the RK3 fin a shoe size range as this can be very misleading.

The environment that an RK3 is used in will tend to dictate the size of fin that you need, for example do you dive in a warm environment wearing wetsuit boots, or are you walking across pebbled beaches and wearing a drysuit and rigid dry boots? Both forms of footwear may be a size 9, but will take up different amounts of space in the fin foot pocket.

    Simon Says

    "In our fresh water pool test, when thrown in the Scupapro Jetfins sink immediately to the bottom, OMS Slipstreams sink immediately, but slowly, and the RK3 hesitate on the surface before slowly point downwards and then drift to the bottom.  The RK3 do float in salt water - as tested by me from a boat......."

    "The RK3's initially feel too soft for a Tec fin, but when in the tropics for me they are the perfect "jets" for getting great trim.  The Scubapro and OMS fins are too heavy and you are always fighting keeping your feet up in trim."

    So we think this is a great fin for divers who like a soft fin, but are still after the jet style.  Also for divers whose legs sink in their current diving set up.

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    Just a great all round fin