Air Fillers Course


Dive now offers Worksafe approved cretification for operators of air filler equipment

Do you own your own air compressor or work with one to fill cylinders?  Great, but did you know that by law you need to be qualified to do this?

We can run this course for you, all you need to do is get in contact with us to arrange a suitable date and time. You will need about 3 hours with us in the shop.  You are required to resit the course every 5 years to stay current.

You will learn on the course:

  • Become a Worksafe Approved Air Filler  by the end of the course, no prior experience required 
  • Types of SCUBA cylinders materials
  • Valves types, working pressures and requirements
  • Understand SCUBA cylinder markings
  • Identifying cylinder labels
  • Identify cylinder fill pressures
  • Where to refer for more information
  • Understand New Zealand requirements
  • Introduction to operating Compressors, compressor filters
  • Pure air, factors contributing to contaminated air
  • Safety first, maintenance checks
  • HSWA Act and regulations
  • Restrictions on persons able to charge compressed gas containers
  • Cylinder filling procedures
  • Safe filling speeds
  • Enforcement / compliance

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