225 BAR Twin Manifold 3/4 NPSM


Manifolded valves with isolator for Back Mounted Twin Tank diving.

The Isolation Manifold is a must for twin tank divers who require full control of their gas supply.

The set is made up of three main components; the left tank valve, the isolator and the right tank valve.   Left and Right plugs are available for each of the valves.

Left and Right post valves allow gas to the regulators.

The Isolation manifold isolates the two cylinders in the event of a major gas haemorrhage from a tank neck.

It’s proven design is constructed of chrome plated brass which is highly corrosion resistant.

The o-rings on the isolator are barrelled as opposed to face sealing, increasing safety as they allow the isolator bar to move if knocked.

The rubber knobs are shock resistant, so that during overhead environment dives they will absorb impact if knocked against the ceiling.

232bar  DIN to Yoke convertible.

Due to the lack of stock photos fro the manufacturers the valves in the photographs will differ from the actual product.