Mares Viper Pro DS Speargun


Mares Viper Pro DS 110cm Speargun

This a highly technical speargun, ideal for catching large fish.
Top of the Mares rang, it satisfies the demands of even the most demanding spearo thanks to the new technical characteristics finalised to significantly improve performance.
The reverse mechanism means the rubbers pull the spear an extra couple of centimetres, giving more power as it leaves the gun along the rail.

Mares Viper Pro DS Sling Speargun 110cm Features:
  • Rigid anodised aluminum barrel with upper shaft guide and lower line guide
  • Open muzzle configuration, with off-axis holes
  • Highly sensitive trigger mechanism in a reversed position
  • Stainless steel side line release
  • New stainless steel trigger
  • Preformed handle with new high-functionality anatomic grip
  • Variable deformation reinforced loading pad
  • New 6.5mm single barb Tahitian hardy shaft
  • Two 16mm s-power speed circular slings with Dyneema wishbone

Mares Viper Pro DS Sling Speargun 110cm Specifications:
  • Barrel: 28mm
  • Size: 110
  • Shaft Hardy diameter: 7mm
  • Shaft Hardy: 150cm
  • Two S-Power Speed circular slings diameter: 16cm
  • Two S-Power Speed circular slings: 60cm

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