The Canterbury Wreck - A divers guide


The Canterbury Wreck - A divers guide by Steve Davis

A nicely written book for divers by a diver who once was the Chief Engineer on HMNZ Canterbury.

The complete reference to diving the Canterbury wreck.

This book describes the ship in detail, its history, the various decks and compartments, what they were used for and how the crew lived.

It talks about the current state of compartments as seen by a diver and some ideas on routes and plans for diving the ship.

The book includes numerous images and diagrams showing the ship, its layout and dive routes.

The guide also tells a tale of how easy it can be to get into trouble when wreck diving, so respect our wrecks both for their value and the risks undertaken when diving them.

This book may also be used as a general reference when conducting research on Leander Class Frigates or diving on other Leanders and variants sunk as dive wrecks including HMS Scylla, HMNZS Waikato, HMNZS Wellington and HMAS Swan.Soft Cover 168 Pages

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So useful

This book is great for planning your penetration dives on the Canterbury.