Open Water Scubapro Standard Package


Package Includes:

  • T One BCD
  • Scubapro Mk2 First Stage
  • Scubapro R195 Second Stage
  • Scubapro R195 Octi
  • Depth and SPG Gauge

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Excellent entry level BCD.  Extremely reliable and sturdy and has all the basic features you need to get diving!

  • Hydrodynamic cut and hi-grip padding
  • Made from heavy duty Cordura 1000 exterior which ensures robustness
  • Soft and lightweight Nylon 420 interior
  • Carbon Reinforced shoulders and front pocket flap areas
  • Cordura color-lock which protects against sun and water exposure
  • Features a padded cummerband
  • Lift Capacity (in KGs) XS/22, S/28, M/34, L/38, XL/41, XXL/50

MK2 EVO First Stage

  • Standard Piston Design
  • Thermal Insulating system [T.I.S]
  • 4 LP Ports & 1 HP Port

A great basic workhorse 1st stage regulator.  We have had this set up in our rental fleet for the past 10 years and they are still going strong with regular servicing.

A totally evolved classic downstream piston first stage, now more of a work-horse than ever. With increased breathing sensitivity and better airflow, freez-ing resistance is dramatically increased. Check out the new MK2 EVO!


  • New XTIS (Extended Thermal Insulating System) with mechanism fully insulated from the environment
  • Increasing freezing resistance by 50%
  • Airflow increased by 15%
  • Larger piston (1.6mm) for better breathing performance and sensitivity, yet the overall body size, reduced by 3.5mm, results in a more compact first stage
  • Removable orifice allows easier maintenance and longer regulator life
  • Meets new EN250-2014 standards requirements
  • Modern design
  • Key insulation system components visible in blue
  • New INT screw including metal logo

R195 Second Stage and Octi

  • Classic Downstream Valve
  • Diver Adjustable VIVA and Inhalation Effort Control
  • Reversible LP Hose Attachment

SPG and Depth Gauge

Features include:

  • Nickle plated modules for extra toughness and durability.
  • Polycarbonate glass.
  • Shock protection.
  • Includes HP hose.
  • Max Depth Reading: 80 metres.
  • Maximum depth needle records maximum depth reached.
  • Max SPG Reading: 300 bar.


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