Nanuk 905 Hard Case


The Nanuk 905 is a crushproof hard case made from lightweight NK-7 resin that protects and stores your gear.

It includes a multi-layered cubed foam insert with pre-scored squares, which can be individually removed to accommodate the shape of your gear.

When measuring your gear to the case, make sure to leave two inches around the perimeter to guard against impact. 

The case also features a removable cubed foam insert and a foam piece for the inner lid. 

The dust-proof and waterproof case secures with the Powerclaw latching system, which includes a patented Powerclaw latch that uses compressive force to tightly clamp the case shut, plus an integrated slide lock that prevents the case from opening during transport or when dropped.

PowerClaw latches and holes for optional, user-supplied paliocks provide secure closure. Users will appreciate the strong NK-7 resin construction, automatic pressure release valve, integrated lid stay, and large, folding, soft-grip hanlie. The 905 case is stackable with same-size cases.

Interior Dimensions:  L239mm x W188mm x H140mm

Exterior Dimensions:  L318mm x W257mm x H152mm

Weight when empty: 1.5kg

Max buoyancy: 7.7kg

Water resistant and NK-7 resin is UV-resistant to protect against discolouration and material degradation.

There are many colours for you to choose from.  


  • Automatic pressure valve which guards against the vacuum caused by changes in altitude and geographic locations that tend to seal watertight cases shut
  • Pressure valve equalizes atmospheric pressure using micro vents, which allow air to pass through, but prevent water from getting inside
  • Waterproof, custom-fit gasket, or seal, is made from high-quality EPDM rubber and resists deformation and fatigue
  • NK-7 resin is UV-resistant to protect against discolouration and material degradation
  • Molded-in bezel system includes detailing on the lower portion of the case for installing a panel kit without using a secondary bracket or drilling holes in the side of the case
  • Bezel system accommodates an optional Waterproof Case Panel Kit or mounted electronic, measurement, or test equipment to use case as independent mobile test or control unit
  • Integrated lid stay prevents lid from closing while you access your gear
  • Grooves on the front interlock with built-in feet at the base when stacking multiple cases of the same size, which saves space for transport
  • An optional padded divider insert, with removable touch-fastened dividers that provide compartmentalized and protective organization for your gear, can replace the foam insert

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