Mares EOS10R Dive Light


Mares Eos 10R Dive Torch

Have you been on a dive and your light just isn't strong enough and you cannot see anything?  That won't happen with this slim dive light.  You will see into every crack and under every ledge with this powerful 1000 lumen rechargeable


The all new Mares Eos 10R torch, incredibly compact, rechargeable torch with 1000 lumen output with a Narrow beam. 

Excellent for night dives, looking under rocks and between cracks or signalling your dive buddy. 

A visual battery indicator lets you know when it needs recharging.

Mares superb torch range has really come of age with superb sturdy build quality and reliability to ensure longevity.

Mares Eos 10R Dive Torch Features

  • Cree LED 1053 lumens
  • Visual battery indicator - indicating power levels
  • Up to 5 hour Burn time - depending on Power level used, up to 1.5 hr on Full power
  • Multifunction switch with four power option: On, Low, SOS, Off
  • Rechargeable battery via USB
  • USB charging cable
  • LED charge indicator
  • Zipped padded storage case
  • Very compact: 147mm x 27mm
  • Lightweight: Weight: 130g/177g with battery

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