Light and Motion GoBe 800 Spot FC



Never before has the world seen a flashlight like the GoBe, a versatile and powerful system that provides the perfect light for any activity.

Gobe’s robust factory sealed design is waterproof to 120 meters, works on land and can be mounted to anything.  

Exclusive FC (Fast Charge) Technology allows a rapid recharge ensuring GoBe is ready for every adventure.

Conscientiously designed to go anywhere you want to be.

Featuring a 12° beam optimised to fill your entire field of vision with smooth, even lighting. Perfect communication and looking deep in narrow areas.

Interchangeable head options.

  • 800 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Waterproof to 120 meters
  •  FC (Fast Charge) Technology fully charges GoBe in a mere 3 hours (2 Amp Charger Required)
  • Innovative design allows light heads to be interchanged for ultimate flexibility
  • Engineered with the highest level CREE LEDs and optimised firmware
  • Custom engineered reflector optimises the light to provide the most efficient and effective distribution for all your outdoor needs
  • Comes with Lanyard, USB Charge Cable
  • Modular design supports a variety of mounting options.
  • Light source: CREE LED


    • 100%, 50%, and 25% output levels plus extended-runtime camp mode
    • Runtime: 1.5 hours (90 mins)at 800 lumens, 3 hours (180 mins) at 400 lumens, or 12 hours (720 mins) at 200 lumens
    • Camp mode outputs 75 lumens for up to 24 hours
    • SOS universal distress signal mode with 36-hour runtime
    • Narrow, concentrated 12° spot beam for increased beam reach and focus
    • Also suitable for hiking, camping, cycling and trail-running

This is my bicycle light, my camera focus light and my crayfish hunting light.  This is my GoBe

Bicycle light, mounted with a bar mount and a Search Head for seeing ahead. GoBe Bar Mount

Camera focus light, mounted with a ball joint and a Red Focus head or 1000 wide head.

Crayfish hunting, hand held with a snap bolt to attach to my catchbag with a Red Focus head to light up a hole enough to see my noose without spooking the crayfish.

eam reach and focus
  • Also suitable for hiking, camping, cycling and trail-running

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