Freediving Training Package with computer


Train safely with your buddy.

Using the float and lanyard system allows the diver a direct route to depth and back to the surface, so no more wasted efforts depth training.

Open Water (lakes and ocean) freedivers wearing no mask or wearing swimming goggles use a nose-clip, not only to keep the water out of the nose and sinus cavities but also to provide pressure to equalise the ears.

In freediving, it is easier to dive to depth if the diver isn't constantly reaching to pinch his nose for equalisation as this disrupts streamlining.

We highly recommend using a freedive computer to track your depth, ascent and surface time, so we have included one in this package.

Mares Apnea

A dedicated freedive computer with user changeable battery.

Instant depth information, dive time, water temperature, descent and ascent speeds, can all be viewed on the display during every dive.
Recovery time is always visible while preparing on the surface, a critical function for planning a safe dive.
Programmable alarms: (depth, time, recovery, speed, hydration, etc.)

Upgrade your computer to;

Suunto D4f

A dedicated freedive computer from Suunto.  Battery change has to be made at Suunto service centre.

Suunto D5

This smart looking rechargeable dive computer has a great freedive mode

Shearwater Teric

From the best scuba dive computer company in the world, the Teric has some nice feature in its Freedive Mode including a vibrating (Hepatic) alarm. Rechargeable through contact docking station.


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