Spring Loaded Catch Bag


These colourful Yellow spring loaded catch bags shouldn't get lost on the boat.

Easily spot your buddy underwater by their coloured catch bag.

The spring mechanism will keep your catch safe inside whilst in the water.

When empty, you can fold the lower half of the bag into the top for streamlining.

We attach our sea food measurer to the handle, but if you are just after scallops, you could cut the handle to the legal scallop size instead.

The mesh bottoms allows for easy drainage and the spring mechanism can keep the bag fully open when unloading the bag.

The handle allows a point where you can clip your noose or torch to when they are not being used.  It is also a great point to use a double ender snap bolt to attach it to your bcd when swimming around.  Just be aware that it may drag along the bottom like this.

Some divers use their catch bags for carrying small items to the boat when not hunting.